Our children’s division is built around development, creativity, and the joy of movement. In these classes your children will not only learn the beginning ballet steps and ballet classroom etiquette, but will gain strength, coordination, balance, musicality, and motor skills. Children are born with a love of movement; our children’s devision strives to foster that love and build on it!

We have recently added a whole new imagination component to our classes that changes every week. Each week the students will participate in a new imagination theme that includes a story, props, and music that helps them use their imaginations to move their bodies and gain strength and musicality.

We have open enrollment all semester long so students are welcome to join us at any point.

Upcoming Imagination Themes

Mo SoupisetChildren's Division Coordinator
Contact Mo with any questions or concerns about our Children’s Division programs

Toddler & Me – Ages 2 – 3

For those children not yet ready to join our creative movement classes but who are ready to get moving! Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, anyone can accompany your little one to this class. These classes will focus on coordination, musicality, motor skills, and the joy of movement! Caregivers and children will enjoy a special bonding experience as they move through the class together.


Creative Movement – Ages 3-6

Creative Movement classes are designed to foster the use of imagination and creative expression through dance. Students will gain skills like rhythm, balance, musicality, and coordination through the joy of movement.

The classes consist of a warm up time, a ballet section where students learn the beginning ballet steps and how a ballet class works, next is an all new imagination section where the students learn movement around a theme that changes each week and consists of a short story music and props that help the students use their imaginations. The class ends with a warm down a curtsy and special stickers that match the imagination theme!


Pre-Ballet – Ages 6+ 

Pre Ballet introduces the student to the structure and early skills of a classical ballet class.  It provides a foundation for ballet, as well as facilitating development for other athletic activities, and lifelong movement and health skills.


Jr. Jazz/Hip Hop – Ages 6-8

This class is for both Pre-Ballet and non Pre-Ballet attendees. Jr. Jazz/Hip Hop is an upbeat dance class that alternates between jazz and hip hop to get the student’s blood pumping and introduces them to the beginning stages of alternative forms of dance in a fun, exciting, and age appropriate way. Students who love to dance but aren’t interested in ballet will especially enjoy this class!