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Spring Tuition 


Children’s Division 

Toddler & Me – $45/month

Creative Movement I & II – $50/month

Pre-Ballet – $60/month

Jr. Jazz/Hip Hop – $45/month or $20/month for enrolled ballet students

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Level 1A
1x/week – $70/month
2x/week – $90/month

Level 1B
1x/week – $70/month
2x/week – $90/month

Beginning Musical Theater Dance – $45/month or $20/month for enrolled ballet students

Level 2A
2x/week – $95/month

3x/week – $115/month

Level 2B
3x/week – $155/month

4x/week – $175/month

Level 2 & 3 Hip Hop – $45/month or $20/month for enrolled ballet students

Level 3
3x/week – $200/month
4x/week – $220/month

Level 4
5X / week $275
6X / week $295

Pre-Professional Level – $325/month

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Tuition assistance may be available upon request, contact the office for more details.
There is a $350 tuition cap for families with multiple students.