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Innovative Works Series | Juxtaposed 2018-01-09T20:35:20+00:00

Juxtaposed, our 2017/2018 installment in the Innovative Works Series, will explore the similarities and differences of dance with a unique mix of both contemporary and classical work. Not only will the juxtaposition of style be evident, but the range of subject matter, choreographic motivation, aesthetic and music will deepen the connection and separation points of the movement. This wide-ranging choreographic production will highlight the depth of the talent at Ballet San Angelo and provide a rich and thoughtful audience experience. Juxtaposed will draw the audience members into the experiment as the intimate space at the Stephens Performing Arts Center allows for a fully immersed performance experience. Juxtaposition, as in dance, so in life…..come see for yourself!

March 23 @ 8:00pm
March 24 @ 8:00pm


Stephens Performing Arts Center
82 Gillis St