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 In-Studio Safety Precautions

  • BSA is STRONGLY recommending to wear masks when in the studios for classes or in the public areas for BSA.
  • All BSA staff will be masked.
  • Dancers are to be dropped off no more than 10 minutes before class starts and picked up no later than 10 minutes after.
  • No waiting or sitting in halls unless you are about to take class. We ask parents of smaller children to escort their dancer to the SAPAC door, otherwise no parents waiting inside.
  • No bags or personal items are to be stored in locker rooms.
  • We will be cleaning between each class.
  • No one is to be standing near reception unless they need to make a transaction with Caroline.
  • Please email Erin (erin@balletsanangelo.org) with any concerns or questions. If an in-person appointment needs to be made, please email to schedule one.


As both SAISD and ASU are doing, BSA will be following the CDC guidelines for dealing with individuals who test positive for COVID-19 or are exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

            If a student tests positive for COVID-19: The student stays home for:

  • 10 days after first symptoms or 10 days after a positive test if asymptomatic 


  • 24 hours have passed with no fever 


  • other symptoms are improving, and student is well enough to participate in class 

            If a student was at BSA within 3 days of being symptomatic with COVID-19 or testing positive for COVID-19:

  • The students in their class will be notified of a positive case.

            If a student has close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case:

  • NOT fully vaccinated:
    • 10-day quarantine


  • 7-day quarantine with a negative test on day 5 or later
  • Fully vaccinated:
    • no quarantine if asymptomatic (though monitor for symptoms for 14 days) and wear a mask for 14 days or until receiving a negative test on day 3-5 after exposure


As COVID-19 infection is becoming a frequent occurrence in children and adolescents in our community, we will be implementing a plan for our BSA students to safely return to the studios after COVID infection.


COVID-19 can affect cardiac function, so student athletes must receive medical clearance from their primary care provider before “returning to play”.  Click here for a letter that you may give to your PCP explaining the intense physical nature of ballet and therefore the need for clearance.